the love between sisters

Aug 6, 2016

And this is how we end a 3 week vacation. "Wooooow, that is so cool" Makenzie said--she was so mesmerized. This is a real yellow butterfly. Frozen in a frame. From Peru. A country I have visited once. And had to leave due to an emergency. My friend who bought me this had no clue about my connection to Peru. The land I left when I thought I was going to lose my mother. 6 years later. I hold a frame with a butterfly from the same place, that symbolizes my late daughter. I never got to enjoy Peru because of the Red Cross message that came in. And Peru has come back to me in the sweetest form possible. Phoebis Trite is the kind of butterfly. That's her butterfly. They live only 7-10 days. Best few days of my life 💛

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