Aug 10, 2016

They came in great expectation and left forever changed. I needed these 3 (5) ladies (and gent) here with me every step of the way. I'm so thankful they all got to hold our angel. I mean truly. There is nothing like family. The people who can see your body and heart bleed out, and even though their hearts are agonizing too, they manage to be there for you. Cooking for me cleaning for me loving our family and helping me through the overwhelming feeling of wanting to die. Handling cremation details and beginning commemoration endeavors in the hospital with her translated certificate. God used you all to be my hope in hell. And thankfully the hell part was short lived for us. My sis knew I was already an amazing mommy to Joislen and she expressed it. I know what she meant by this post. And although the birth n life after death process so soon is not what we expected. It's our portion nonetheless. And we carry it Gracefully because therein does our angels legacy lay. Lie. Lol grammar experts? 😏 Thank you family. Leneen Williams Angelica Carr Nina Hart Paul Campbell

We are off to see Titi in San Diego, and super excited to meet Joislen. Can't believe my sister is going to be a mommy soon! Get excited"

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