hard work for my lil momma

Aug 13, 2016

Omg I finished the video tribute. Wow. It's so special. I will share on her birthday. No more will be added to the video but anything added after now will be in her blog! It's just under 6 minutes. All I ask is that you watch it when you have 6 undisturbed minutes where u can have the volume up and experience your emotions unhindered. There are moments in this video that I haven't shared with anyone. It is a very very intimate video, and I hope you feel the impact. Most importantly. I hope Jesus lets Joislen watch it, so she can always know how loved she is, on this side of eternity, too, by all of us. 💛 thanks for participating guys you really helped to make this first year without her physically here a lot more bearable. Words can't express and a special shout out to all my angel moms who participated and your angels who keep my daughter in the best of company. I really love you all.

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