yellow butterfly crown

Jul 27, 2016

Lol people are so sweet. I'm happy when snapchat came out with a yellow butterfly crown people thought of my girl. A few people reached out n sent their pics. N that's sweet. Believe it or not. Joislen is wearing a crown too. And some of the gems on it represent the people's lives she's touched. Long before the foundations of the earth God thought of each of us. When he thought of Joislen he said. "Her momma talks enough so she don't even need to say anything. They'll get the message" and from then. He ordained it that she would touch some people's lives. if your reading now. You're one of them. I think that's pretty special. That you guys are part of her crown. It's almost August. It's almost been a year. I have no clue what I'm going to do for annual memorial/celebration/whatever. But maybe part of my digital endeavors could be everyone sending me their snapchat butterfly crown picture, and a message to, or about, Joislen.

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