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Jul 8, 2016

tiffany renee :o)

shes the one that hand drew that beautiful picture of joislen and i kissing, the one that hangs over my fireplace. one day she decided she wanted to be a blessing to some angel parents. she decided every month she wanted to draw 1 picture for a family of my choice. that's the video in the post below of the first family receiving the picture! how special. this is the first time tiffany attempted to bring a stillborn baby to life in her art. my sweet niece alice looks so lovely! what a gorgeous beauty she is. and i love her momma too. great work tiff. special to me because this movement of kindness was inspired by my daughter. special to tiff because she gets to make part of a families dream come true. and special for the families because they get a piece of their child they would've never otherwise have had; an idea of them awake, and alive. amen amen

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