from auntie Deena

Jul 30, 2016

Hugz from heaven..
So yaLL know aLL tha pretty thingz I've been making Lately for 2 very special angel babiez.. one of their symbolz iz a yellow butterfly and tha other iz fall leavez. 👼👼💜💛 well as I wuz wandering around hobby lobby today, I decided to peek down tha stamp isLe. 😁😍😍 & BAM sitting pretty right next to each other on tha sheLf.. I'm thinkin they were saying "Hi Red" & "Thanx for making our mommiez keepsakez for us" totally had me balling right there in tha middle of tha store. Enough that a nice oLd Lady asked if I wuz alright, I said yes mam... I jus received a few hugz from heaven & it made my whoLe day-! 🐘🍁
‪#‎Hi‬ pretty babiez-!
‪#‎I‬ see yaLL ♡

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