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Jun 3, 2016

Trish Taylor with Jalisha Davis-Wyatt.
June 3, 2012San Diego
my brother and sister gave birth to their premature baby some months ago. mom and baby have had their medical ups and downs since then. tomorrow little Faithy gets to go home. we take so much for granted. some have still births some have to wait months to hear their child cry at home some have to deal with postpardom from a distance so count your blessings. thank God for your annoying kid or not getting any sleep. you have so much to be thankful for. if you are a woman. and a mother. you part took in one of Gods greatest miracles. thank Him.

I guess I did know what a stillbirth was 4 years ago 😳 Faith is alive and well, running around the church lol. Her pregnancy put Jalishas diabetes on the fast track and my sister lost her eye sight. Jalisha is 20 something and 100% blind. She almost lost her life a handful of scary hospital visits since then. We talked. After Joislen died. For like an hour on the phone. And she said "how dare I complain, my daughters alive, I can learn how to help her!" And I said, "how dare I complain. I have eye sight! And good health". And we both realized through talking to each other that we had so much MORE to be thankful for. Even after being in an unbearable maternal predicament. I'm still thankful. There had to be a Joislen to even die. Some don't get a Joislen. 👸🏽 Well. Lol. No one gets a Joislen but me 😏 but u feel me. Some don't conceive. Some can't carry. Some never held or saw. I'm thankful for my portion. It could be worse. It could be better. But it's what it is. And what it is is what I make it. I love you Joislen! I've learned more from your death than I have learned in my entire life, you are mommy's greatest teacher baby. Tough lessons. But I'm learning. None of this will be in vain. If you can't live here I'll live for us. I can grow and give back. This separation of time and distance between us will not be for naught. There's purpose in the plan. And darling, you are part of His plan. 💛 a sweet vision I have is of Jesus preparing me a mansion in heaven, and Joislen trying to help like "Jesus mommy likes that peachy salmony color" (as if he doesn't know) and gentleman Jesus will listen to joislen's suggestions and make her feel a part of the process. Yeah. Jesus is building me a mansion. Joislen thinks she is too lol. Help Daddy baby. Help our Heavenly Father.

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