May 30, 2016

today i was on the phone with grandma, and she was asking how our bbq yesterday went. i told her it was awesome. she said how many people, 50? I said no mommy, but let me count. i started counting on my fingers and toes, taking my time to make sure i counted everyone. when i got to about 22 she said "i bet there were at least 30 people there". i kept counting. i got to 29. 29. there were 29 people at the party.

when my first lady drove off last night, she yelled, "BYE JOISLEN!" showing off that she finally learned how to say my daughters name right a few months ago lol.

i remembered that when i was talking to grandma and so yeah, she was right, there were 30 ppl at the party. Joislen was here. and she always is.

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