the prophet birthed the prophetic, and it was prophecy fulfilled

Apr 11, 2016

It was crazy. Those of u who don't know Christian church. It's very common for some person at some event to pray for you when you go up. And people with obvious situations, sometimes they pray about that. If someone is obviously ill or in pain or drunk they might pray about that. Well when u are pregnant many times people of God pray for u and tell u everything going to be fine or what ur kid is gunna be like. Like that boy is going to help you to value yourself more. Or that girl will be a writer. It's basically just people prophesying to you about the life they are seeing for your child. I have seen this happen countless amounts of time in churches. I can't tell you how many. In fact, almost every pregnant woman I see go up for prayer, someone lays hands on her belly, and at least acknowledges the life she is carrying.
I found it strange that not ONCE in my pregnancy did anyone who prayed for me, mention Joislen. I remember being 9 months pregnant. And someone was praying for me and telling me about my nursing career. My belly was practically poking them in the eye. But they never mentioned Joislen and I noticed that they didn't. I noticed and I wondered why. Why the heck ain't anyone saying anything about my baby! It wasn't ever a weird kinda thing where they saw something and didn't share it. It was just almost as if I wasn't pregnant. And although I had 1 awake vision while pregnant. God showed me that He was the dr in my delivery room, I didn't think it was literal. I thot it just mean everything would be okay. But no. He delivered my daughter in my vision. And when your child dies in your womb. That's exactly who delivers you. Jesus was my doctor. He was the first person to hold my daughter alive, some hours before I gave birth.
2 weeks before Joislen died. i was sitting in the office at church after service and her auntie Jessica started prophesying to me about her. I remember that day clearly. I was eating nachos.
She told me that Joislen had my gift. She told me that me being her mom was divinely orchestrated. That I was chosen to carry her (emphasis on "I" and "her"). There was no mistake in our pairing. It was done very intentionally. She was struggling to find the words. But she was saying how I will be Joislens mother. But it won't be a regular mother daughter relationship. But a spiritual one. She said she'd be daddy's little girl. And she said the things I went thru was to pave the way for her. Jessica had no clue what this prophecy meant at the time. Actually she felt like a false prophet when Joislen died. I know she had no clue what those words mean when she spoke them. But I knew exactly what they meant. As she spoke I braced my soul. Tears fell down my face. I knew when she said a spiritual Mother that I wouldn't always have her on earth. I knew when she said paved the way, that it didn't just mean exemption from some of the hardships I've faced. But I knew it meant paved the way str8 to Him. I heard what God was saying through her but there was no ounce of anything in me that could process that kind of information. So I just stored it away. But I heard Him through her. Joislen Having the same gift as me. Which one? I assumed it to be prophetic. And the prophetic isn't just someone who knows what u did last summer. This gifting is also in a person who God uses to bring out the purpose and potential in others for His glory. It's a manifold gift but I do understand how my womb life daughter could have such a gift in her. I get it and that's all that matters. As far as her being daddy's little girl. They weighed an ounce apart. Joislen had so many of daddy's physical attributes. And he and I both knew she loved him more 😏to this day. When we talk about her. He tells me things like "u know Joislen would have my back with this, u know she'd go with her daddy". His willingness to go there with me is one of the many reasons why I can't stop loving him. As u see the date on this note. It hasn't been tampered with. I wrote it out in notes once He spoke it through her. And today. I wanted to share it.

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