Apr 28, 2016

Honey I know you have to compartmentalize as a coping mechanism, but I know you love Joislen as much as I do
"Yeah, I do"
I will never forget how he gazed at his girl. How he slept, holding her. His heartache. Yet eternal contentment. It was so natural for him to care for her, even though it was her gorgeous shell we spent that time with. How he wept in the hospital. Or got choked up during the donation ceremony. How he put up her memorial shelves in our new house with the same passion he set up her nursery. What keeps him at peace is knowing she's with Peace Himself. The biggest testament of our faith she is. Those are the sane two in our family but unfortunately with me Makenzie n d3, they're outnumbered 😜 ‪#‎daddysgirl‬‪#‎sheonlykickedforhim‬

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