never replaced. never forgotten, joislen is a big sister

Apr 21, 2016

Gentle reminder. Joislen is my first born. D3 will be my second. We are a family of 5 (including my step daughter). I am a mother already and have been since I conceived my daughter (actually since I married my husband). PLEASE bear this in mind before you comment, message, post in my direction. 
If you cannot remember Joislen in our family count, your excitement for this pregnancy actually does more damage than good. 
If ur too freaked out by our experience with Joislen PLEASE don't venture to participate in our journey with any of our children. We are a full package. Now if ur talking about my boy, u don't have to mention his big sister or anything I'm not psycho. But I would appreciate wishes that you would give someone with an 8 month old. Because 
Joislens spot in our family is reserved indefinitely. 
I am pregnant 6 months after delivering a full term sweet baby. D3 isn't some new isolated happy rainbow chapter in my life. He's Makenzie and Joislen's baby brother, our first son, and a gift from God. What my last 12 months have looked like, I hope many don't ever have to know, but u can lessen the people blow by being mindful of our family dynamics. Preciate ya! Don't need apologies it's not that serious. Just please try to do better. Helps fight that whole 'live under a rock' urge smile emoticon

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