i chose her

Apr 6, 2016

"People say "you are so strong" I'm like ummm no I'm just a mom who loves her daughter beyond all barriers." Leslie Hernaiz
My God. Words from my heart Leslie! This death thing doesn't get to end our daughter's stories.
I'm not strong. I'm just a relentless mother. I will do whatever it takes. Imagine whatever it takes. Believe whatever it takes to be with my daughter again. And that's what I do every single day. And she is with me. Every single day. And I will see her again. And she is okay. And I will make her proud. And she will be a part of the journey every step of the way. Joislen is but a dimension away. And I choose to experience her. I had choices to make. Bitterness. Anger. Refusal to accept. Blaming. those (justified) emotions got in the way of what I want most. Her. Nothing will bring her back physically. So I have worked hard to get to a state where I am always mindful that she is with me spiritually. I will not relinquish this position for any negative emotion I'm entitled to. I chose her.

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