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Dec 8, 2015

Tonight church was awesome. The Lord was really moving and I was just being the servant that I am. I wasn't expecting what happened next. My dear friend who visits the church came tonight. At the end she told me she wanted to perform a song for me and Dwayne. I know my husband can be a weirdo sometimes and I thought it might be about my girl so I wanted to hear it right then and there. (Yes mommy can be selfish) She then told me "it was definitely inspired by joisey" (my inclination was right) she grabbed my hands and I close my eyes and bowed my head as we sat there. And she began to sing this beeeeeeeeauutiful acoustic tune. Something Tracy chapman would've written. I don't remember it all. I'm mad I didn't record it. But I do remember these words. That I'll probably tattoo on my forehead. "You're not really gone, no, you never left. The memories we made keep you alive inside." I was sobbing like a baby. Best two and a half minutes I've had in a while. To be understood. For someone to capture my feelings better than I can? And in song? It was so lovely! So extremely beautiful. Got home. And guess what? Same exact scenario as a few nights ago. Look up? Shooting star. I swear. The perspective I am getting on this whole life and death and life thing? Is bringing my love for God to a whole new level.

You're not really gone
Time goes by so slow
when I don't
feel you nice and close to me.
I just want you to knowI think about ya
every night
before I sleep.
It's just so hard to concentrate
when I daydream about you all day. Yeah...
you're not really gone
and you never left.
Our beautiful memorieskeep you alive in me yeah...
Our guardian angel shining down on us
wanting us to keep happy and find their love
Yes it's true yes it's true
they're always with us.
Yes it's true yes it's true
they're always guiding us

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