my labor is not in vain

Dec 10, 2015

Had a discussion with the head of the midwives about better education for prevention, (saying stillbirth at the 28 week appointment--giving education pamphlets, kick count, statistics, etc--just as peds do for SIDS which occurs a tenth as frequent) better culturally competent care (plainly, some people give better care to their own race, and blacks are exponentially more likely to have deadly obstetric outcomes ((mom or baby)) and no it doesn't have to do solely with poverty) and better follow up after delivery. Believe it or not, no one contacted me after delivering Joislen. Not a call or a card. No follow up; at all. From midwives? The ones who are supposed to at least care better? If I went through everything that went wrong with my experiences you'd just be crying. So I will spare you. But If no one speaks up. How will things change? We have to be a voice in life if we want to see change. So today. I talked to the head midwife. And hopefully. 1 child who could've died will live because of Joislen's legacy. Maybe one mother who would've had severe PTSD because of regret, will be able to find some beauty amidst her tragedy with providers stepping up and helping us navigate through this impossible time when prevention isn't possible. Maybe. Just maybe. We can be better caregivers. My labor. Both spiritually and physically--My labor's not in vain.

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