cousin time

Dec 6, 2015

Today I was holding my nephew and he was licking drooling on and kissing my necklace. He and Joislen had 6-7 months that they were both in our wombs at the same time, getting spoiled by their mommas and bonding. We had been to ultrasounds together. Movies. Dinner. She was there the day he was born, being good so I could support her auntie. He was there for her gender reveal. And when he got out; she would kick him when I held him! I know he misses his baby cousin. (For u bible folk remember when Elizabeth and Mary were pregnant with John and Jesus and once they got around each other the babies leaped in their bellies? That's how Joisey n Josiah were). By the way my necklace is a picture of Joislen. And a bead of her hair. Now I know what ur thinking. All babies eat necklaces. And u know what I'm thinking. Don't pee on my fireworks. It was a sweet moment for us

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