through eyes of eternity. through eyes of love

Nov 25, 2015

I don't know what you see when you see this picture. Maybe it's a mothers love. But I don't see a "dead baby". I see my sweet Joislen. I see a very loved, very gorgeous babygirl. Who looks exactly like her father. But has my spirit. I see the living spirit when I see her pictures. I envision her heaven self, a beautiful 4 year old (ish). With curly hair. As sweet as can be. What is death? But some distance. But a hurdle we all must cross. Death. You don't get to define my daughter. You don't get to end my daughter. You don't get to have my daughter. I will never see you when I look at her. I see my girl. I see her. As He sees her. Go Joislen grace! You already know. But I'm your biggest fan

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