Woven to Perfection, and then she flew

Oct 15, 2015

Joislen's God Mom, my sister Leneen, wrote this beautiful tribute after Joisey passed. i was so, gone. i didnt even remember reading it. so today it was like reading it for the first time. I absolutely adore my family.heart emoti

"You ever wonder why a baby is born, but doesn’t see the light?
Well, I do suppose…
The light is all the baby knows.
Surrounded by the warm, loving, protection of her mother’s womb. Woven to perfection, but gone too soon.
Where does a beautiful package like that reside?
In the arms of the Creator, the Almighty, Most High.
Presently her body will no longer be on earth
But her purpose has value, and is priceless in worth.
The fuel that ignites the light deep inside.
Clearly brought to the surface with no place to hide.
An absolute bundle of beauty
A blessing from heaven, a gift from His Majesty.
Her life’s purpose was to make sure we reach ours.
So let’s stop wishing and start tapping into His undeniable power.
A special type of angel baby,
That has pushed us toward our destiny.
We would’ve chosen another way, but His plan prevails
And our pain will slowly fade.
Never fully erased while wrapped in this flesh
And the joy of His creation will be remembered with every breath.
So no longer will we wonder why she didn’t see the light.
In all honesty that was never her plight.
She is actually worry-free
Like an angel in the sky, joyous for life.
The truth is light is all she ever knew
Woven to perfection, and then she flew."-Leneen Faith

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