the crime scene

Sep 26, 2015

One mother explained so accurately the dark depression associated with having a death occur inside of your body. and carrying that forever more. I totally related to her words.

An Angel mom friend, Angela, taught me that our thoughts, our words, our perception, could be our best friend, or worst enemy throughout this process. so, trying to see things in a new light, here's my response to the thought of our bodies being a crime scene.

"I guess it's all perspective. I just focus on the life these days. Consider this. my body was the portal for her to journey from earth to eternity. It's a beautiful honor to have been her tunnel to heaven. I didn't house death. I transitioned life. She just went from life to life. Not many can say they gave birth to an angel. Though her body was lifeless. She was never. Ever. Limited to that fallible body anyway. Our angel babies are MUCH. MUCH. Bigger. Than their bodies. Ever Gave them credit for. (John Meyer) I can live on because she does. The part of her that died. Will one day die for us all. It's just the body. Did we carry children with spirits and souls? Or were they just bodies? Didn't they kick during certain times. Recognize certain voices? Didnt we have a very special bond with them even during pregnancy? A bodily death doesn't get to cancel all that. The love lives on. If we do."

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