sweet angel Mavis

Oct 14, 2015

FEEL FREE TO SHARE SO WE DONT CONTINUE TO HAVE 71 STILLBIRTHS A DAY IN AMERICA! we wish we wouldve seen some angel moms post while we were pregnant. my niece angel mavis tumbling. her mommy says she was doing the nae nae in her belly. lol. pregos. i aint trying to scare nobody but COUNT YOUR KICKS to the very last minute. id rather some pregnant women hate me with living children than anyone to go through what we've been through. advocate for yourself. dont let any doctor turn you away if you think something is wrong. october's 1/2 way over so you wont always have to hear about this "sad depressing stuff" but unfortunately, its real for so many of us. and we dont want you to join this club! ‪#‎stillbirthawareness‬‪#‎countyourkicks‬ like i say, it's not preventable for everyone, but all these viable children dont have to die. lets do our parts.

The feeling of having that movement of life inside you. Just wonderful. <3Has been 10 weeks. If she were here I know...

Posted by RubyAnn Balanza on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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