Day 8: Wishlist (aka-- Hopes)

Oct 8, 2015

i have a new normal. And it's okay to get to know us. Yes, us. Joislen has an eternal spirit. And she's changed my life forever. I hope she is still thought in her physical absence. Not her death. Not me "losing" her. But her as an individual. A sweet baby with her own unique identity and powerful purpose. She is gorgeous handiwork of our Creator. When my loved ones have thought of her and shared it with me, it was so meaningful to me. I appreciate any gesture with her in mind, or mention of her name. Her being claimed and loved and remembered, that's important. I hope her little visit to earth in my womb has helped parents to love their children better and be more thankful and present. When people call her, what she would've been to them, had she lived, I appreciate that (for family n close friends). Include Joislen in the family count. The cousin count the grandchildren count the niece count. Our children. We have two kids. And if you're family or close to it, I hope in your eyes, you have an angel _____. (Daughter for me, whatever she is for u) I also hope to continue sharing her legacy. And to positively impact the stillbirth community in whatever way God sees fit. Joislen Grace. The sweetest story being told. 💛

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