Day 17 – Secondary losses

Oct 17, 2015

Today's post is about things lost after loss. I lost my ignorance. I lost any ungratefulness. i lost my habit of going outside and not admiring God's creation every single time. I lost my capacity to deal with foolishness. I lost my ability take a second or a breath for granted. I lost any desire to complain or speak thoughtlessly. I lost my propensity to assume. I lost some "friends" who were never really there to begin with. I lost the care of what anyone thinks of me. The things that I lost because of Joislen's life. And Joislen's death. And Joislen's life again. Those things? Are not missed. Thank you sweetie pie cupcake dumpling drop pudding pop. For opening mommy's eyes. To reality. Humility.Humanity. Fragility. Beauty. And intention. Love you girl! I'm better because of you. Today's picture is of one of the last moments I had with her body. Cuz like everything listed, I lost that. But what I stand to gain. My storehouse cannot contain. heart emoticon

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