Day 12: Normalizing grief

Oct 12, 2015

Today's post is about ways we grieve that might seem strange or different to others so we can realize how not strange or different they are. I have found comfort in keepsake jewlery. Having a necklace with her little face on it makes her feel so close to me. Plus Jewlery is pretty, like her. And goes through a fire. Just like she did. So there's sentimental value there. My 'always in my heart' and 'mom of an angel' stretch bracelets are on my left arm along with my Joislen Grace bracelet. A silver elephant bangle is on my right. With her ashes and my milk we are creating a unique collection of pieces that I look forward to receiving. I also have a teddy bear that Dwayne got for me at dave and busters on our first date. The teddy used to be my Dwayneypoo. When Dwayne was busy or tripping, I'd cuddle with the teddy instead. When Joislen passed. I came home and wrapped the blanket she was in, on the teddy bear, and also put on the beanie she was wearing on it. Now the teddy is my little Joiseypoo and I hug it so so much. And cuddle it. And I don't want that blanket washed. Ever.
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