Day 10: words

Oct 10, 2015

I love how the light shines on my belly in this picture. You are the love my soul Joislen. My words have been taxed with the honorable responsibility of allowing my daughter's memory to live on. Sometimes I am burdened by the thought of all that is in me that needs to come out. and other times, I feel equipped for what I've been called to do. Sorting through the purpose afterwards is a journey in itself. It's almost like giving birth to her. The labor is not for me, and it almost seems worthless. But it's not. I am just a vessel. And God is up to something. Joislen has more meaning than just being my daughter. Part of my life's purpose is wrapped up in hers. And so she is my co-pilot in a sense. I love her so much. I yearn for her touch. I do find comfort in all I do have of her; it helps. I take my time and go through it. Because I have a long journey ahead without my daughters physical presence. Thankfully, I do have a lot of memories of her: mentally and tangibly. That helps the healing. If I had nothing though. I would still have my words. And as long as I have those. Our story will be told. Mommy loves you through death. Today's picture is of mommy talking daddy's ears off. We love you Joislen. We love you we love you we love you soooo much. and we KNOW how much, you love us, too.

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