cuddle cots!

Oct 13, 2015

Two cots are on the way! We will have a donation ceremony in Novemeber to UCSD (date TBD) in honor of little Miss Taylor. And as for the one we are donating to Mary Birch, we are donating it in memory of a new friend of mines daughter, Evelyn Nalley. Her mom Megan delivered her there so we wanted to honor another family while we we're commemorating Joislen. So long as there are some cots going into the hospitals in San Diego, we've made a very impactful contribution for future families who have to endure the unexpected transition of their baby. Couldn't have done it without the support from all of you. Thanks for helping this momma bear rest easier. Much much much love.

Two cuddle cots are going into UCSD and Mary Birch here in San Diego! In honor of my sweet co-pilot Joislen. We also wanted to recognize Megan Nalley's daughter, Evelyn, who delivered at Mary Birch. 💕 giving the gift of time.

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