Momma Pantera

May 21, 2016

because a blog wouldn't be a blog without a writerish picture and a third person paragraph... Trish-Ann is a dedicated mother to her purpose baby, Joislen Taylor, whose memory she plans to keep alive, for as long as she is. She is a major advocate for women; pursuing her career as a labor and delivery nurse with doula bereavement training . She works alongside local hospitals in San Diego to bring about necessary change to better accommodate grieving families. She truly embodies the heart of a philanthropist, and has an enjoyment in creative expression. This is her journey. her Journey with Joislen. it started November of 2014, (long before then actually, but November is when it finally began to materialized). Enjoy all that has transpired since then. and all that continues to transpire.  It is truly the hand of God at work.

"Nobody cares about your story unless you win. So win."-Esther Rodriguez

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