where you go, i go

Sep 11, 2015

Nothing is more delicious than dem kisses love you Joisey girl missing you something crazy today! Coming up on a month feels like eternities apart each day away is another day closer to the glorious time when I get to see you, alive and well for the first time, eye to eye. The first fruit of my womb. An unexpected sacrifice. Parts of me died with you. But your untimely departure birthed some things in me that I'm intimidated to explore the depths thereof. Never knew what strength and courage I had. Never knew what endurance and long suffering I could experience. You my dear. Are my messenger from God. And I get the message. Your life was not in vain. And neither is my survival of your passing. Mommy will see your purpose through. And mine too. And live each day to bless our God, and to help someone else. we love you Joisicle.

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