"It is not brave to have answers" -Alison Nappi

Sep 22, 2015

sometimes people think there is an explainable reason for everything. And for some there is undoubtedly one. But not for a third. Not for us. no earthly explanation for Joislen's passing. And we can accept that. Understanding what happened will not bring her back. But discovering why we went through this experience gives purpose in this life. 
Who? Check
What? Check
When? Check
Where? Check
How? Known only by God 
Why? Revealed from God

"The only people who cannot bear to hear you speak of your beloved are those who cannot accept their own mortality. They are people who have never grieved. They either don’t know loss, or they buried themselves with their loved ones. Trust me when I tell you, they have their own mountains yet to climb. Speaking of your loved one can keep their presence with you from far across the boundaries of the point where life meets death. It is a way to honor them, and a way to honor your feelings. It keeps their love alive in you. It extends the meaning of their life into the world in powerful and meaningful ways. It gives them back a voice in a world hell-bent on forgetting." -Alison Nappi

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