The future is unknown and its possibilities are endless

Jun 19, 2015

With all the hope and hell, beauty and ashes, and kindness and cruelty that this life has to offer, all I can be is thankful. Thankful for the ability to feel-- to feel anything really: The sun on my skin, the exhaustion in my body at times, the tumbles of my unborn child in my womb, the hugs of loved ones, the kisses of a devoted man who truly who knows me. Thankful, above all, for grace. Thankful that my stock ain't in this place. 8 months prego today. Brewing this baby. The future is unknown and its possibilities are endless. If buts and maybes sure to a part of this journey. Will I face great tragedy, or even fulfill my destiny? resilience, will you take me through it all? Fear and anxiety try to choke out my joy. But I do trust in the only one who knows everything. there in is my peace.

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