Jun 6, 2015

the lady who was supposed to originally do our photoshoot canceled last minute. no, like the day of the shoot. this was after many weeks of planning; totally bizarre. i called my childhood best friend, Ashley. we had been best friends since the 1st grade. the closest friends in the world. a few years ago though, our friendship ended due to some occurrences that couldn't be sorted though. Ashley is a photographer. I could've hired a stranger. but something told me to call her. (God). i did. she agreed to do the shoot. after years of our friendship being on hault, reconciliation was going forth, all because of my purpose baby girl. ashley ended but meeting Joislen while she was in the hospital, she sewed her a blanket too. ashley was actively miscarrying during the shoot. How selfless of her. and as fate would have it. by the time Joislen was born, Ashley was pregnant with twins. life has a funny way sometimes. ashley did the shoot so beautifully, and made this bracelet for her niece on that day.

Omg!!! Our photographer just text me this...she's handmaking props for the shoot.
😳Wow. Lol--So sweet. All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord. 💖

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