we take bribes

Feb 11, 2015

Now receiving bribes and barters to reveal gender. Dwayne said the check has to clear first before we give you the information though

(i spend the next day texting all of our loved ones, and making them tell me something in order for me to tell them the gender of our child. at this point. we thought joislen was a boy. i was only 13 weeks 6 days when we checked and her umbilical cord was between her legs. people told us the most hilarious confessions!) this is from the next day: "I have just had the most hilarious morning. I've laughed till I cried and I think a book has been birthed. Thanks to all my love ones who participated with my text game wink emoticon all I can say to my baby mommas is don't tell no body the gender of ur kid for free! Make them tell u something. Most my ppl did a fun fact. Some did stories. Confessions. Pet peeves. Quirks. Habits. But it has all been hilarious and I look forward to when We open up the game up to FB in a few months! Oh laughter is good for the soul!"

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