Joislen was smiling even when she was only 10 weeks

Jan 15, 2015

Jan 13: First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes the baby in mommas womb. Then comes the weddin. Lol. Remix. 10 weeks prego. A million more to go. Blessed nonetheless.

Jan 26: Here's a bump shot....Cuz it's customary right at pregnancy milestones? But between me and you, this is exactly what I looked like, pre-pregnancy....(I gained my 20lb happy relationship weight last year) I don't think my baby weight has even begun. So stay tuned cuz I'm about to blow up! 3lb weight gain first trimester and I'm 99% sure that's cuz of my ice cream nacho adventure this past weekend. Cuz there was a 0lbs weight gain 4 days ago. baby love. Excited for Friday's ultrasound! pump your bump!

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