God is our passion Joislen. God is.

Jan 20, 2015

Wedding day was amazing. Finding out we're expecting was beautiful too. Getting home from my last deployment, with my mom, was a sweet moment I will always cherish. Many awesome days, for a little Joy, I can look onto. But no day compares, no not one. To the day the scales were lifted fron my eyes and JESUS and I started our relationship, for real for real. No day compares to the day I was made whole. To the void irradicating day. The day of healing. To the day of peace. The search is over day. The day of forgiveness. Redemption. Cleansing. Freedom. Yeah, many of sweet days I've seen. But none sweeter than restoration. Salvation. Security. The day I was born again. Get you some. This world is passing and everything in it.

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